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We can help obtain residency permits or citizenship in countries offering residency and citizenship-by-investment programs. This can open up new opportunities for international business, enhance mobility, and provide additional security.

Investment consulting

We can offer clients expert advice and market analysis to help them make informed investment decisions. This can assist clients in increasing their investment returns and protecting their capital.

Preservation of capital

We provide clients with strategies for preserving and growing their capital. This may include diversifying investment portfolios, utilising reliable financial instruments, and adopting conservative management approaches.

Tax optimisation

Ebern Finance can help clients minimise their tax burden by utilising various tax schemes and strategies legally available in the respective jurisdictions. This can enable clients to reduce their tax obligations and retain a larger portion of their income.

International banking solutions

Banking setup services and tax optimisation allow clients to maintain the confidentiality of their financial transactions. The company can ensure the secure protection of clients' personal and financial information.

Legal relocation

We can provide clients with services related to legal relocation, which involves assisting in moving their business or personal assets to another jurisdiction. This may include obtaining residency permits, ensuring legal protection for clients' interests, etc.
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Legitimate services

Legitimate services

Ebern Finance provides only legal and legitimate services, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in the relevant jurisdiction. We adhere to all relevant rules, provisions, and regulations related to banking, offshore, and investment activities.

Individual solutions

Individual solutions

The company aims to offer individual solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of each client. This means we take into account the specific circumstances and goals of each client and provide solutions that align with their particular situation.

Comprehensive offers

Comprehensive offers

The company provides a wide range of services that encompass various aspects of banking, offshore, and investment. This may include opening bank accounts, establishing and managing offshore companies, investment consulting and financial planning, tax planning, and more.

Solutions for high risk

Solutions for high risk

Ebern Finance specializes in working with clients seeking high-yield but higher-risk investment opportunities. Our team deeply understands the trends and rules of this market in order to offer effective and innovative solutions.

Complete privacy

Complete privacy

Ebern Finance ensures full confidentiality and data protection for its clients. This means that the information provided by clients will be stored and transmitted with strict adherence to security and confidentiality standards.

Professional support

Professional support

Out team provides professional support to clients in all aspects of banking, offshore, and investment consulting. We offer guidance, advice, and assistance in navigating the complexities of these areas, helping clients make informed decisions and achieve their financial objectives.



San Francisco, USA
Ebern Finance exceeded my expectations! Their team of finance and legal specialists operates at a high level of professionalism. They offered me a personalised relocation plan that helped me legally move my business assets and avoid unnecessary tax obligations. I am highly grateful to them for their valuable contribution and recommend them as a trustworthy partner in financial matters.



London, UK
Ebern Finance provided me with top-notch service in legal relocation and wealth preservation. I was looking for a reliable partner to help me move to another country with minimal legal complexities, and Ebern Finance fully met my expectations. I happily recommend Ebern Finance to anyone seeking professional, business-oriented, yet personable financial services.



Munich, Germany
I have been working with Ebern Finance for several years. Thanks to their expertise in offshore banking, I was able to optimise my tax payments and preserve my wealth. The Ebern Finance team works closely with clients to understand their individual needs and offer the most effective strategies.  I sincerely recommend Ebern Finance as a reliable and trustworthy partner in financial services.
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