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Ebern Finance offers international banking services, which involve assisting clients in setting up and managing bank accounts in jurisdictions with favorable financial regulations. By utilising offshore banking, clients can maintain the confidentiality of their financial transactions and enjoy enhanced privacy and asset protection.
Ebern Finance ensures the secure protection of clients' personal and financial information, allowing them to conduct their banking activities with peace of mind.


Ebern Finance specialises in helping clients optimise their tax obligations. Through the utilisation of legal tax schemes and strategies available in different jurisdictions, the company can assist clients in minimising their tax burden.
By exploring various tax optimisation techniques, clients can potentially reduce their tax liabilities and retain a larger portion of their income. Ebern Finance ensures that all tax optimisation methods used are in compliance with the respective jurisdictions' laws and regulations.


Ebern Finance offers expert investment consulting services to clients. Through in-depth market analysis and comprehensive financial research, the company provides clients with valuable insights and recommendations for making informed investment decisions.
The investment consulting services aim to help clients maximise their investment returns while managing risks effectively. By leveraging Ebern Finance's expertise, clients can gain a competitive edge in the financial markets and achieve their investment goals.


Ebern Finance specialises in assisting clients in obtaining residency permits or citizenship through residency and citizenship-by-investment programs. These programs are offered by certain countries and provide individuals with the opportunity to acquire residency or citizenship by making a significant investment in the country's economy.
Ebern Finance guides clients through the application process, ensuring compliance with the program's requirements. Obtaining residency or citizenship through such programs can offer clients enhanced international mobility, access to new business opportunities, and an additional layer of security.


Ebern Finance provides clients with strategies and solutions for preserving and growing their capital. The company offers tailored advice on diversifying investment portfolios to minimise risks and optimise returns. By utilising reliable financial instruments and adopting
conservative management approaches, clients can safeguard their wealth and achieve long-term financial stability. Ebern Finance's preservation of capital services aim to help clients protect their assets while maximising their growth potential in a prudent and sustainable manner.
Our clients

Trusted service for thousands of customers

High-net-worth individuals seeking asset protection and financial confidentiality.
International entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations globally and reduce corporate tax burdens.
Individuals interested in diversifying their investment portfolio and accessing international financial markets.
High-income individuals and families aiming to legally minimise their tax obligations.
Companies facing complex tax regulations. Or individuals seeking to safeguard their assets from potential financial risks, litigation, or bankruptcy.
Individuals and companies looking to relocate to another country or establish a legal presence abroad.
Business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to invest surplus capital or secure funding for new projects.
Businesspeople from politically unstable or economically restricted countries seeking better opportunities and security.
Individuals interested in wealth accumulation, retirement planning, and long-term financial goals.
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